I3S Scan Results Help

The following encounter(s) received the best match values using the I3S algorithm against a right-side scan of encounter d4840f94-b161-4312-8f46-66c702978c2d.

 Saved scan data may be old and invalid. Check the date below and run a fresh scan for the latest results.

Date of scan: Thu Oct 11 03:09:32 UTC 2018

See the table below for score breakdowns.

Shark Encounter Match Score
MP14FEB09UNR032 0.5486
R0181 MP11JUL30UNR006 0.6392
MP15FEB18UNR023 1.1340
R0802 SI10SEP12UNR001 1.2739
R0196 MP14MAR14MNR009 1.3284
R0187 MP14JUL04UNR032 1.4375
MP14JUN21UNR024 1.8219